Why I don’t tell the future

In my latest article on Jumble & Flow, I wrote about how a coworker came to me in a dream as a spirit. The dream was ethereal, as dreams tend to be. But this was something else. It was like we were in an empty, beautiful void, just the two of us. The energy could only be described as pure love as he took my hand and said, “I want to start a family with you.”

As I go on to say in my article, I woke up from the dream confused. I wasn’t interested in the co-worker, and motherhood was still only a vague question-mark in my mind.

The dream felt so good though, so safe. And it triggered an intense desire in me. My mind questioned the desire, and fear settled in. I shooed away the desire and the seed of Motherhood, the dream was attempting to show me.

It’s been several years later, and now, I am in a relationship with a former co-worker, not the one from my dream. We’re in love and building towards an amazingly spiritual and loving partnership walking towards the possibility of starting a family together. 

I look back on that dream and I can’t help but chuckle. 

The Universe clearly wanted to get my attention. Dreaming is a way The Universe / Guides / Angels / Higher Self etc communicates with us. I look back and can see how The Universe wanted to wake me up to this desire I was suppressing, the desire to walk towards Motherhood.

I look back on the dream, and in some ways, it could be called a premonition, but really it was my Guides trying to steer me in a more aligned direction.

God / The Universe lovingly gives us free will, which means we have the power of choice. We can choose whatever path we’d like, but there are Hopes we had set out for ourselves before we came into our existence in this life. When we walk towards love, we walk towards alignment. 

God / The Universe wanted to remind me of this Hope I had set out for myself, but it didn’t want to ruin the surprise! It wanted to give me clues without telling me exactly what would happen, and so it substituted a different co-worker to get my attention without the surprise of what, where or who exactly. I’ve had this feeling for a while, my person, is an ex-coworker, but I didn’t know who. If we knew all the details of life, that’d ruin the fun! Life is about living it.

People often go to Tarot Readers or Psychics to know the future. Our worry causes us to think we’d be better off knowing the future. There are a few points I want to make about this:

1) The future hasn’t happened yet, so how can we tell it? We have free will, and others have free will. Each choice can spur things to happen one way, or another. So we can’t know if something will happen for certain.

2) If we know the future, we limit our own possibility – When someone tells you the future, they tell you a possible future. When you believe it, you ground into a limited possibility. God / The Universe wants the best for you. It wants more for you than you want for yourself. When we stay open to the unknown, we stay open to possibilities beyond what we fathom. 

3) The Universe wants to surprise you – Again. Ruined surprises are no fun!

We may get dreams, visions, information about the future. But as I’ve experienced it, “future information” is meant to get you to act, in the present. It gives you these potential views into the future as a way to encourage you to align with your soul, usually they’re not easy paths. 

Whether you choose to align yourself and walk that path, is your choice. If you do, be open to the surprise the Universe wants to give you.

In gratitude, Bonnie